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Newer markers in distinguishing Lung AdenoCa vs Suamous Cell Ca: Why now?”

Date: April 26, 2014 Time: 9:00 am EST (USA)

Dr Jaishree Jagirdar, MD earned her medical degree from Calcutta Medical College, India right before coming to New York and joining an AP/CP residency in Pathology at Mount Sinai Medical Center.  After completion of her residency,she was  appointed as a staff member in an affiliate institution, Bronx VA Medical Center in 1981.  Soon after she joined on the staff she was instrumental in establishing the Immunohistochemistry and Flow Cytometry  Laboratory there. When the first board examination for Immunohistochemistry was being offered she obtained certification. She then moved to Bellevue Hospital/ NYU Medical Center in New York as head of Surgical Pathology where she remained on the staff as tenured associate professor for  a period of 10 years before moving to University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Texas as Director of Anatomic Pathology and Professor of Pathology. 

  Date Topics Speaker
2014-4-26 Newer markers in distinguishing Lung AdenoCa vs Su... Dr. Jaishree Jagirdar
2014-2-22 Interpretation and Reporting of NGS Data in Clinic... Dr. Keyur Patel
2014-1-25 An Introduction to Clinical NextGen Sequencing Inf... Dr. Eric Duncavage
2013-12-21 Molecular Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine of... Dr. Dongfeng Tan
2013-11-16 Alcoholic Liver Disease and Non Alcoholic Fatty Li... Dr. Elizabeth Brunt
2013-10-26 Understanding the Importance of Molecular Classifi... Dr. Michael Dugan
2013-9-28 Diagnostically Efficient, Cost Effective Test Use ... Dr. Paul Kurtin
2013-8-24 Use of IHC to Guide Therapy in NSCLC & Current... Dr. Lynette Sholl
2013-7-27 Serous Neoplasms of the Ovary & Fallopian Tube... Dr. Russell Vang
2013-6-22 "Diagnostic Approach to Plasma Cell Neoplasms... Dr. Robert McKenna
2013-5-18 Contemporary Morphologic & Molecular Issues in... Dr. Kenneth Iczkowski
2013-4-04 “Molecular Diagnostic Testing and its Implication... Dr. Iris Schrijver
2013-3-23 Diagnosis of Limited Adenocarcinoma and Common Mim... Dr. Jonathan Epstein
2013-2-16 Signifant Impacts of the World Wide Web on Global ... Dr. John Minarcik
2013-1-26 Legal Issues for Pathologists (2013) Jane Pine Wood
2012-11-17 “CNS Demyelinating Disease Pathology, Especially ... Dr. Douglas C. Miller
2012-10-20 Neuropathology: The Central Nervous System Tumors ... Dr. Charlie Hao
2012-9-15 What Every Pathologist Needs to Know About the Job... Mr. Richard Cornell
2012-8-18 Neuropathology: Primary Glial Tumors Dr. Charlie Hao
2012-7-21 Neoadjuvant Therapy in Breast Carcinoma: What Path... Rohit Bhargava
2012-6-23 Algorithmic Approach to Liver Tumors: Updates from... Dr. Neil Theise
2012-5-19 The Road To Genetically Informed Medicine: The Nex... Dr. Stephen Peiper
2012-4-21 The Diagnostic Challenges of Metatstatic Cancer. Dr. Samuel K. Caughron
2012-3-24 Personalized Diagnostics For Colorectal Cancer Dr. Antonia Sepulveda
2012-2-25 Pathology Informatics and its Future Role Dr. Mike Becich
2012-1-21 Challenges in Diagnosing Breast Cancer Cases Dr. Sunil Badve
2012-1-14 Updates on Bladder Neoplasms and Their Benign Mimi... Dr. Ximing Yang
2011-12-17 Introduction to Inflammatory Skin Diseases for the... Dr. Philip LeBoit
2011-11-19 Selected Challenges in Thyroid Pathology Dr. William Faquin
2011-10-22 "New" Precursors In The Female Genital T... Dr. Christopher P. Crum
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