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Pathologist - Cytology

Position Summary:

Responsible for case review and consultation with client- physicians.  Must be readily available for personal, telephonic or electronic consultation to the staff and clients.



  • Responsible for daily work flow including case sign- out, review and consultation
  • Evaluation of cellular assessment after FNA biopsies at remote locations
  • Consult with internal pathologists on all challenging, suspicious and malignant results; communicate suspicious and malignant results to client physicians
  • Provide advice to referring physicians regarding the significance of the laboratory findings and ensure that reports of test results include pertinent information required for specific patient interpretation.
  • Provide oversight of all aspects of quality management system to ensure conformance to requirements described in the Quality Management System chapter of the NYSDOH Clinical Laboratory Practice Standards.
  • Provide educational direction to the staff.
  • Assist the Medical Director in promoting a safe laboratory environment for personnel and the public.
  • Monitor all work performed in the laboratory to ensure that medically reliable data is generated.
  • Continuously monitor and evaluate the quality and appropriateness of services rendered, within the context of the Quality Management System, regardless of where the testing is performed.
  • Assist the Medical Director in ensuring that the laboratory is enrolled in the NYSDOH proficiency testing program for the testing performed and that the laboratory adheres to the program’s administrative and technical requirements.
  • Assist the Medical Director in maintaining an effective working relationship with applicable accrediting and regulatory agencies, administrative offices and the medical community.


  • Active involvement in laboratory operations.
  • Sufficient time on-site to effectively discharge the responsibilities described in DIR S3 of the NYSDOH Clinical Laboratory Standards of Practice.
  • Active participation in the quality management system as described in QMS F1 of the NYSDOH Clinical Laboratory Standards or Practice.
  • Management of adverse outcomes and non-conformities.
  • Participation in on-site survey with results given in proficiency testing.
Position Requirements:


  • MD Degree from recognized US institution. A minimum of five years of experience.  Must meet all state and local licensing requirements and pathologist must have Board Certification(s) by the American Board of Pathology and certificate of qualification in Cytology and Histology.

  • Working knowledge of State and Federal regulations governing laboratories.  Understanding and assistance in quality control / quality improvement programs, staining QC, programs / reports.  Continuing Education Program and training new hires.  Working knowledge and understanding of computers.  Knowledge of all departmental policies and procedures.  Familiarity of State and Federal regulations governing laboratories.

  • Practice in an accredited laboratory for minimum of five years.

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